Highway College (18 Bishop Road, Pinetown)

Youth Ministry

Disciples Youth Ministry

In keeping with our vision and beliefs, we believe that it is the church’s responsibility to keep passing the baton of faith on to the next generation, extending the Kingdom of God until the knowledge of the Lord fills the earth as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:9).

This requires us to capture the hearts and minds of the youth for Christ with the Gospel while we can, through a vibrant and effective youth ministry in conjunction with Highway College, that will draw young people from all over the highway area and become a witness for Christ to the city.

Allan and Alison Reddy head up this ministry for which they were ordained by the Kings Church Eldership in 2015.The Youth ministry which is not limited to the Kings Church alone encompasses Fellowship, Ministry of the Word, Praise and Worship and Outreach programmes amongst many others. Please view our calendar page for upcoming events.

If you are interested in this ministry please contact Allan or Alison Reddy at the numbers listed on our contact page.

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