Highway College (18 Bishop Road, Pinetown)


About The King’s Church Durban

The King’s Church, Durban, which was established in 2008, and meets at Highway College in Pinetown is a community of believers from various national and ethnic backgrounds who have been joined together in the Lord Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit. We have a passion for experiencing the authentic faith of Jesus that was originally entrusted to the first apostles, as revealed in the Scriptures, and to share it with others. (See our faith statement) We are committed to following and obeying Jesus as God’s King and Head of the Church. As we experience the love of God through Jesus Christ, we endeavour to minister God’s love and grace to the community of Durban. The King’s Church is a place where light meets darkness and the darkness has to flee.

The Kings Church was founded by Rod and Janet Seago together with a team of believers at a local school in Westville, as a plant from the Kings Church in Jacksonville Florida, USA. He has been in the ministry for the past 47 years. A former graduate of Elim Bible College, London, UK, he also holds a Masters Degree in Apostolic Studies from Apostles Theological Seminary, USA. Rod has been married to Janet for 45 years and together they have two sons and five grandchildren. He was the founder and senior pastor of City of Life Church in Pinetown in 1980.  In 1995 he and his family relocated to the USA to continue ministry there.

At the beginning of September 2015, Rod and Janet  were called back to the United States in the Lord’s work where he has now resumed oversight of The Kings Church in Jacksonville Florida. At an ordination service, the work at Kings Church, Durban was and handed over to Giles Hunter who has been co-pastoring Kings Church with Rod since its inception in October 2008. Giles is married to Melody and is the father of two daughters and is blessed with six grandchildren. He retired as a senior member of the Durban Metro Police Service after serving in a law enforcement career for 33 years in Bulawayo,  Zimbabwe, and Pinetown. He has been serving the Lord in a Church leadership role for some twenty-five years in a home cell ministry and  on the leadership team at City of Life Family Church in Pinetown under Rod’s ministry, and later with  Highway Christian Community in Pinetown where he ministered in a grounding and teaching role for new converts. He serves as a Director on the Highway College School Board and is currently reading for a Master’s degree in Prophetic and Apostolic Studies with the Apostles Theological Seminary in Jacksonville Florida.

The King’s Church is an allotment or congregation of the one, apostolic, catholic or universal Church of Jesus Christ the King.We are committed to keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace with the whole body of Christ and are in meaningful relationship with other churches in the Durban area, where the leaders meet weekly for fellowship, dialogue and prayer.

Our leaders are theologically trained through the ‘Apostles Theological Seminary’  an online theological institution based in Jacksonville, Florida USA.